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Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK

Remote working needs smart BD

Remote working

needs smart BD

90 day plans aren’t just for new jobs. Have you ever thought about that?

People so often focus on a 90 day plans at that start of a new job then slip into monthly reporting and quarterly performance reviews for ever more.

Some of the most commercially successful companies empower their Team Leaders to run on ambitions and goals, set by themselves every 90 days, smartly informed by data analysis of both existing customers and market opportunity.

With the lockdown legacy of working from home impacting decision making and buying cycles at a whole new level, adopting a cycle of 90 day plans, could transform your business right now. You have to be bold, empower your team and ensure they are fed regular smart data analysis, but the results can be exciting!

Try thinking like an explorer and focus on short periods of data informed decision making. Don’t take the long term for granted.

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