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Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK

7 Tips To Managing Quiet Quitting

Michael says ‘In my research and working with companies big and small around the world, I have found there are 7 rules for success, 7 keys to managing “quiet quitting” and transform that into, let’s call it: “noisy participation”!

Is it OK to change all the meetings?

I’m jolly lucky that the lockdown / WFH / juggle home schooling era hit after my kids have all left school and home! I can WFH with relative ease. However I am not taking that lightly, it’s a big luxury – already this week many meetings have been cancelled, postponed and lurking in limbo. A … Continued

Micro Steps to Wellbeing at Work This Lockdown

You know what my favourite thing was this Christmas? I switched off the alerts on my social media apps on my phone. The result? Wow. I relaxed moreI thought moreI exercised moreI headed outside moreI read moreI revived from the ‘Zoom fatigue’ (hurrah!) I was inspired by ‘micro steps’ as Adrianna Huffington is currently and … Continued