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Niche markets, new markets, data
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About Joanna

Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK.

Joanna Goddard is a multi-award-winning management consultant, specialising in data informed commercial growth. She is known for delivering rapid results in tech, cyber, professional services, and stand up comics; an unusual combination reflecting her ability in creative commercial strategy. Part of a specialist team of consultants to law enforcement and Government to establish and develop the UK’s Cyber Resilience Centre network, she is trusted by high calibre and high profile people and regularly collaborates with her network of world class business and technical security personnel.

In 2019 Joanna became specialist Consultant at Business Resilience International Management where she delivers her services to law enforcement to establish and develop the UK Cyber Resilience Centre network, supported by the Home Office.

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Joanna's Credentials

  • Awarded Most Innovative UK-Wide Business Consultancy 2022
  • Awarded Best UK-Wide Business Consultancy of the Year 2020 (Scotland) & 2021
  • Certified by University of Cambridge’s Judge business School in Business Analytics
  • Trained in ISO20700 by ICMCI, The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes
  • Fellow, Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)

Joanna can help with:

  • Data informed growth strategy.
  • Commercial growth gap analysis or interim support with measured ROI.
  • Stakeholder engagement and strategic partnerships.
  • Board level education, measuring Business Development and Marketing ROI.
  • Cleaning, repositioning and navigating high profile personal online profiles during periods of risk, threat, business or family change, or pre and post individual exits.

Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK

Using structured processes, deep data analysis and measuring systems to improve and monitor ROI in future, she is well know for finding clients a new profitable niche or, as a consequence, find where they are missing a trick, notably in a digital age. She leaves a legacy within an organisation, when clients adopt their recommended strategy, of continued growth.

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Award winning, advisor to Channel 4 and as featured in We Are Tech Women, Joanna Goddard shares her business growth expertise across a variety of sectors.

“Joanna’s unique insight into business allows her to provide really clear and intelligent advice to steer Board conversations , strategy setting, PR planning and customer journey outlines. If you can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ see Joanna and all will become clear! Apart from being super incisive she is incredibly personable too.”

- Rebecca Chapman,
Superindendant & CEO North East Business Resilience Centre

“I have worked with Joanna in a number of roles, most recently in my role as Chair of Converge Challenge. Joanna has great business development skills and is one of the best creative and lateral thinkers I have worked with. In addition, Joanna has great stakeholder and communication talent and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”

- Paul Atkinson,
Founder Par Equity & Taranata Group; NED