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Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK

City of London Police Commendation for Joanna Goddard

A unique and memorable day… Recognition for your work is so valuable and motivating, but recognition from public service for supporting them in keeping the nation safer, is a truly humbling experience. I was honoured to join fellow Partner in my work at BRIM, Alan Greig, to receive a commendation from City of London Police … Continued

7 Tips To Managing Quiet Quitting

Michael says ‘In my research and working with companies big and small around the world, I have found there are 7 rules for success, 7 keys to managing “quiet quitting” and transform that into, let’s call it: “noisy participation”!

Remote working needs smart BD

90 day plans aren’t just for new jobs. Have you ever thought about that? People so often focus on a 90 day plans at that start of a new job then slip into monthly reporting and quarterly performance reviews for ever more. Some of the most commercially successful companies empower their Team Leaders to run … Continued

Smart tip when costing data storage – ask Marketing!

A smart move when reviewing data storage costs in your business is to have Finance, IT and Marketing players collaborate in that discussion. Why on earth would I have IT and Marketing involved in data storage reviews I hear many of you ask? It’s because often decisions about data storage are made in isolation. Valuable … Continued

The metrics North Star approach by Slack

Did you know Slack uses a very smart ‘North Star’ approach to ensuring business growth is on track or can adapt really quickly? By reviewing their top three metrics weekly, often daily, for raising profile, customer experience and qualified interest in products or services you could too. Become your North Star Champion and review your … Continued

Tips for selling in Lockdown

If you are finding the long term nature of selling in Lockdown is now becoming a worry, you will likely need to change your strategy on the use of data analysis. Here are a couple of key points to consider; If you and your team are focused on sales pipeline data you will likely be … Continued

Is it OK to change all the meetings?

I’m jolly lucky that the lockdown / WFH / juggle home schooling era hit after my kids have all left school and home! I can WFH with relative ease. However I am not taking that lightly, it’s a big luxury – already this week many meetings have been cancelled, postponed and lurking in limbo. A … Continued

Micro Steps to Wellbeing at Work This Lockdown

You know what my favourite thing was this Christmas? I switched off the alerts on my social media apps on my phone. The result? Wow. I relaxed moreI thought moreI exercised moreI headed outside moreI read moreI revived from the ‘Zoom fatigue’ (hurrah!) I was inspired by ‘micro steps’ as Adrianna Huffington is currently and … Continued

Who you gonna call? … Seriously, who you gonna call if this happens?…

With a 2016 remake of the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, I have a fair chance of ‘Who you gonna call?’ resonating with the majority of business decision makers So, I wanted to share a recent scenarios and ask who would you call if this happened? A recent very wet Thursday evening, somewhere between 7 and 8pm, a lot … Continued

CISO Secrets – Mastering The Art of Security Transformation with colleagues who don’t understand it

There’s a head banging CISO epidemic, and I believe I can help >_ CISO’s everywhere are increasingly banging their heads off virtual walls and as a result CISO turnover is rapidly hitting an epidemic.  In 2019 Www.govtech.com reported that 46% of IT pros who wanted to leave their jobs do so because of an absence … Continued