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Micro Steps to Wellbeing at Work This Lockdown

You know what my favourite thing was this Christmas? I switched off the alerts on my social media apps on my phone. The result? Wow.

I relaxed more
I thought more
I exercised more
I headed outside more
I read more
I revived from the ‘Zoom fatigue’ (hurrah!)

I was inspired by ‘micro steps’ as Adrianna Huffington is currently and interesting talking about through her new world Thrive. (discovered on a great podcast by Dr Rangan Chatterjee)

It works! It wasn’t realistic for me to shut my phone away completely, as it was the only way family could get hold of me given lockdown, and there were other apps I wanted to tap into for improved wellbeing this winter, like my podcasts and fitness tracker, but boy did the ‘micro steps’ approach work. I even changed group chat alerts so only when the moment took me to check in did I catch up with voluminous conversations.

Before the New Year’s return overloads you with back to back video calls and little time to process, I highly recommend you give yourself a little ‘alert audit’.

This snap of sundown on New Years Day when I mulled this over will remind me to keep my alerts well managed in 2021.

Every ‘micro step’ makes a difference to wellbeing right?

Happy New Year
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