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Joanna Goddard, commercial growth strategist, is a highly respected business consultant based in the UK

Is it OK to change all the meetings?

I’m jolly lucky that the lockdown / WFH / juggle home schooling era hit after my kids have all left school and home! I can WFH with relative ease. However I am not taking that lightly, it’s a big luxury – already this week many meetings have been cancelled, postponed and lurking in limbo. A plea from me….

1- If you have kids in the background or right in the middle of the meeting, that’s OK

2- If you have to move a meeting several times over the next few weeks, that’s OK

3- If you need to call an abrupt halt to the meeting that’s OK

Kids matter, schooling matters, work matters, but most importantly your sanity matters. We are all mostly juggling; kids, dogs, builders, doorbells (one this week so far an unexpected landing helicopter!) please don’t worry about making change. It’s OK.

#wellbeingatwork #WFH #change #homeworking #mentalhealth